Balancing Cues in Agility 8-DVD Set


Author: Linda Mecklenburg
Format: DVD, 8 discs, 
NTSC format
Length: 10 hours, 22 minutes
Release Date: December 2011


Success in dog agility depends on your ability to effectively communicate with your dog. Your ability to communicate with your dog and guide him through a course depends on your understanding of how to balance the six basic agility cues—motion, shoulders, location, arm/hand signals, verbal cues, and eyes—described in Linda Mecklenburg’s highly acclaimed book Developing Handling Skills.

This DVD is an edited recording of a two-day seminar presented by Linda and recorded live at the Clean Run training facility in November 2010. Different types of dogs, including mini dogs, participated. Unlike most seminars, choosing the best handling strategy is not the focus of this seminar. Instead, each drill has a predetermined cue combination and the goal is to effectively balance the cues for each individual dog. The appropriate use of motion and the appropriate timing of the cues is emphasized. Familiar sequences are used so that the handler can pay attention to the details of handling.

During the video, appropriate references to pages and figures in the book (Developing Handling Skills) are provided. In addition, you will find copies of the diagrams that appear in the video in a PDF file on Disc 1. Please insert Disc 1 into your computer to access the file.

Learn to improve your execution and timing of cue combinations!

Disc 1

·         Introduction

·         Exercise 1: 1) Deceleration/No Motion with No Side Change (Pull); 2) Lateral Motion with Landing-side Front Cross; and 3) Lateral Motion with No Side Change (Pull/Push)

Disc 2

·         Exercise 1 (continued)

Disc 3

·         Exercise 2: Forward Motion Front Cross

Disc 4

·         Exercise 3: Lead-out Push

·         Exercise 4: 90-degree Two-Jump Combination: 1) Lateral Motion with Landing-side Front Cross; 2) Lead-out Push; 3) Bonus Lead-out Push

Disc 5

·         Exercise 4 (continued)

·         Exercise 5: Deceleration

Disc 6

·         Exercise 5 (continued)

·         Exercise 6: Practice Drill

Disc 7

·         Exercise 6 (continued)

·         Exercise 7: Deceleration with Pull Followed by Landing-side Front Cross

Disc 8

·         Exercise 7 (continued)

·         Exercise 8: Lateral Motion Rear Cross

Balancing Cues in Agility 8-DVD Set


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