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Classics of Training: Competition Basics, Fronts & Finishes

$40.00 $45.00

Author: Patti Ruzzo

Format:  2 x DVD

Running Time: 5 hrs

Release date: Disc 1 (1996), Disc 2 (1997)

An oldie but still an immensely relevant and potent classic training DVD produced by one of my favourite obedience trainer, the late Patti Ruzzo who still inspires me today whenever I watch or listen to any one of her DVDs or CD.

Disc 1 - Competition Basics

Recorded in 1996 as part of the "Power of Positive Training" Series Patty explains and demonstrates laying the foundation for the basics of heeling, attention and retrieving including a video sequence of the progression from the early stages of a young puppy through adolescence.

Disk 2 - Fronts & Finishes, Variable & Unpredictable

Recorded in 1997 as a sequel to "Competition Basics" Patty demonstrates using reinforcement to polish "fronts & finishes" and increase competition scores. In the second half of this disc Patty gives some ideas for changing reinforcement and practice routines to keep the dog's intensity, interest and maximize performance.



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