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Welcome to Doggie-Zen, every dog's paradise! Here you can find toys for ALL dogs. It doesn't matter if you're small or big, soft-mouthed or the toughest tugger in town. You can even be the most hard-to-motivate dog, we guarantee that here you will find your new favorite toy. Doggie-Zen is a Swedish based family business established in 2008 by two sisters who are also do training instructors.

Doggie-Zen uses materials that are responsibly sourced. All our real furs are sourced within Sweden (except raccoon tails that comes from raccoons living in the wild in Canada). It's very important for us that the living conditions of the animals are great. We prefer to use real fur from wild animals, such as beavers, badgers and foxes. The selection of furs on offer will vary over time, depending on what we can get hold of.

Our rabbit skins comes from Sweden. These skins are very exclusive and there's a limited amount available, and most of the rabbits are family-owned before slaughter where the fur and meat are being used. This means that some periods we won't have any rabbit skin toys in stock. However, it is more important for us to be able to say that the rabbits we use have had great living conditions, than using for example Spanish rabbits, where they live in very small cages under poor living conditions. An added bonus to this, is that the Swedish rabbit skins are of a whole other quality. The skin and fur is thicker and fluffier than any other rabbit skins we've seen. And the dogs go crazy for them!

We use sheepskins from Swedish farms and they are organically tanned. The cow skins and goat skins also comes from Swedish farms.

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