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Dog Cavaletti Kit


Cavaletti training for dogs is important for all dog sports including agility, obedience, doggy dancing and Rally O

PLEASE NOTE due to the bulky nature of cavalettis, **COURIER COSTS are quoted and billed separately via Paypal ** Similarly, due it the size and weight of the box, we do not ship to PO Boxes as it is normally  more economical to use courier instead of Aust Post.

Benefits of cavaletti training are:
• Improves hip rotation, extension and knee flexion
• Improves balance and proprioception
• Improves strength and endurance
• Improves rhythm and coordination
• Prepares a dog for jumping
• Improves stamina
• Adds variety to training and strength work
• Shortening the length between the poles helps a dog learn to collect
• Lengthening the space between the poles helps the dog to lengthen their stride

and more!

How to start:

Cavaletis may be set at varying heights from the floor but only up to the level of the hock. There are specific training that prescribe a higher height but are targeted at achieving different fitness goals - please only use higher heights under instruction from a fitness professional. It is recommended to start with the poles at  GROUND level before raising.

The cavaletis should be approximately one body length to one and a half body lengths apart. It is easier to start a dog new to cavaletis at body length 1-2 poles at a time until they learn to trot over the poles instead of bunny hopping. Cavalettis at body length apart will work more balance and proprioception. It is not advisable to increase distance of cavalettis beyond one and half body length.

A cavaletti set consists of:

12 cones and 6 poles

Height of cones: 30cm with 3 separate height settings

Color - BLUE only cones with yellow interlocking poles of 1 m length 

NOTE: Cavalettis used in the video demos below are a different make and size. The ones for sale are an improved size!

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