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Doggie-Zen Bungee Rabbit Treat Pouch


The ultimate toy that suits both the toy-crazy dog ​​and the more difficult to play. The toy can be filled with either food pieces or  squeakers.

With this toy you can teach the difficult-to-flirt, but food-loving, dog to love to play. Fill the toy with the dog's favourite cookie and reward the dog with the cookie as it follows / takes in / chases the toy. Step by step, you can expect the dog to take in more and more before you reward. In the end, you have a fighting maniac who thinks the game is fun, even if it is not always a cookie reward.

This toy is also suitable for dogs who already love to play. You do not need to fill the toy with anything, but if you want to reward the dog a little extra, you can occasionally surprise it with something yummy in your pocket, or why not fill the toy with squeakers?

Size S : Total length: approx. 47 cm Handle: approx. 40 cm Combat part: approx. 5x7 cm

Size M: Total length: approx. 52 cm Handle: approx. 40 cm Combat part: approx. 7x12 cm 

. The toy is sewn in several layers and is thus very durable, even for intense fighters.
• The inside consists of a water-repellent material that you can wipe off if necessary.
• The toy has a velcro opening that can be easily opened by pulling on the two flaps.
• Buy pipe cushions to make the toy a fun pipe toy (feel free to buy several and of different types, the dogs usually like that there will be different beeping sounds depending on where they bite).
• Fill the toy with something yummy and reward the dog for playing by opening and letting the dog eat the good.
Made of  fluffy rabbit skins from Swedish rabbits with fur and handles in different colors.
• Rabbit skin is a skin that most dogs cannot resist.
• Rabbit skin is a more fragile skin than e.g. cow and sheepskin, as the skin is thinner. However, the Swedish skins we use are of significantly higher quality than toys from other manufacturers that use skins from Spanish rabbits.
• The elastic part reduces jerks for both the dog and the trainer during fighting.
• The handle is made of products that are also used by climbers, durable even for the strongest fights.
• Doggie-Zen toys are made for active play between dog and trainer, they are not made to let the dog lie and chew.

Washing instructions
The toy should not be washed. Let the toy air dry and shake / comb out dirt.

The inside consists of a water-repellent material that you can wipe off if needed.

All Doggie-Zen products are manufactured in Sweden.


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