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Doggie-Zen Bungee Treat Chaser Tug Faux Fur


The Doggie-Zen Bungee Treat Chaser Tug Fake Fur is the ultimate toy that suits both the toy-crazy dog and the more hard-to-motivate dog. The toy can be stuffed with either treats or squeakers.

LONG LONG LONG with XL Treat pouch made of thick luxurious faux fur

With this toy you can learn the hard-to-motivate, but food-driven, dog to love to play with you. Stuff the toy with the dog's favourite treats and reward the dog with the treats when the dog chases/grabs/tugs with the toy.

Step by step you can expect the dog to do more before rewarding. In the end you will have a crazy tugger that will enjoy the game, even if there are no treats. This toy is also suitable for dogs that already loves to play. Then you don't have to stuff the toy with anything, but if you want to reward the dog a little more you can surprise the dog with sometimes stuffing the toy with some yummy treats, or why not stuff it with a couple of squeakers?

Play style

Tugging is everything

Give me a game of chase and I'm yours

I'm a foodie


No sound Possibility to put squeaker inside

Tugging Power




Color: Due to the creative process this toy is available in different combinations of Faux fur color and webbing color. The color option provided refers only to the Faux fur color

Size: XL Total length: approximately 121 cm Handle: approximately 100 cm Fur: approximately 12x21 cm

Extra In this toy you can fit at least three squeaker inside, to make the toy into a fun squeaker toy.

Wash care
Hand or maschine wash on a low heat (max 40° C). Remove squeakers before washing.
The toy has an inside of easily-cleaned water-resistant fabric.

All Doggie-Zen products are made in Sweden.

The toy is made with several layers of fabric, which makes it very durable, even for the intense tugger.
• The inside is made of water-resistant material that is easy for you to clean.
• The treat pouch is sealed with velcro, and is easily opened using the two tabs.
• Put a couple of squeakers inside the toy to make it into a squeaker toy (we recommend you to buy several squeaker pillows and with different sounds, the dogs usually loves making different noises depending on where they grab the toy).
• Stuff the toy with some yummy treats and reward the dog for playing by opening the toy and letting the dog eat the treats.
• Made of fake fur with bungee handles in different colors.
• Choose between regular fake fur and luxury fake fur, that is extra fluffy and durable (the dogs’ top choice).
• The perfect toy for the hard-to-motivate dog. Tempt the dog with a fun game of chase with this long-handled toy.
• The long handle is ideal for owners of puppies and small dogs since you don't have to bend over to play.
• Teach your dog to love to tug by alternating between a fun game of chase and tugging.
• Bungee reduces jarring of the dog’s neck and handler’s shoulder.
• Handle made of climbing-grade webbing, durable enough even for the toughest tuggers.
• Please note that Doggie-Zen toys are designed for active play between dog and handler. They are not designed for chewing.

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