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Click-R Duo Clicker

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Ever wanted to clicker train two dogs simultaneously? Worried about each dog thinking the click sound was intended for him? The Clik-R Duo is the answer for you. The green button of this electronic clicker makes a traditional clicker sound and the yellow button makes a triple-chime sound. Train two dogs at once!

The Clik-R Duo can be used in numerous ways:

Assign a different sound to each dog

Use one sound as a cue and the other as a marker

Use one sound for the handler to mark the dog's behavior and the other sound for a trainer to mark the handler when he or she gets it right

The ergonomic shape and comfort finger band make the Clik-R duo very comfortable during use. A lanyard is also included or you can attach the Clik-R Duo to a wrist band. Clicker size is 3" x 1.25". Complete training instructions included.

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