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Doggy Poop bag carrier


Doggie Walk Bags
Stylish dog poo bag carriers that can attach to the lead or your belt.
We all know how important it is for everyone to clean up after their pets when out in public, but never has there been a more stylish way to do this.
Doggie Walk Bags provide a range of poop bag dispensers to suit every clients taste, from the practical Duffel Bag to the stylish and oh-sochic purse, people and their pooches can proudly display their poop bag dispensers and hold their heads high knowing they are the leading the way in style.

A fantastic addition to every shop's range, and a great addition to any lead purchase to really help you boost sales and give your clients that practical, stylish and essential add-on to their purchases.
Duffel bag Yellow/Blk Paws +2 Rolls
Duffel bag Red/Blk Paws+ 2 Rolls
Duffel bag Black/White Paws + 2 Rolls

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