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Flexiness®Donut Disc



The Flexiness®DonutDiscs are ideal for balance training and muscle building for small to large dogs. The stability of the disc can be changed depending on the amount of air taken in. So it is more with a little air a disc that is ring-like with more air.

Size: 40 × 40 × 10 cm AQUA color only

Why a disc with a hole in the middle? The explanation is very simple. 
Through the hole, the air is distributed more evenly. Specifically, this means that if the dog is only with one paw on it, the other side is not as extreme in the height as in a customary round disc disc. 
Also offer other exercise options and through the hole an additional challenge to the dog. With its flat level surface, the Flexiness®DonutDisc is really great device in combination with the Flexiness®PawStackers  as well stacking with other fitness products

Like all Flexiness® products, the DonutDisc is made from a very stable PVC. The material is much softer than that of our TwinDisc. Make sure that the claws of the dogs were trimmed before training.

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