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Course description 

Fitness training for the agility dog does not occur in  isolation from what they are required to do in the agility ring or their daily activities.

For the first time ever, there is now a K9 FITREADY FITNESS PROGRAM that combines the merits of both K9 strength training and jumping grids for jumping skills in a comprehensive and intensive 8 weeks program to prepare your dog for the demands of the agility competition season. 

For a comprehensive and cohesive Trial Fitness program, we combine K9 FITREADY STRENGTH EXERCISES with a series  of JUMPING GRIDS (derived from Susan Salo and Linda Mecklenburg methodologies) each one selected carefully to improve your dog’s keye jumping skills including collection, extension to collection, slices, optimal serpentine & threadle footwork, bend and backside wrap skills, optimal striding & scoping.

Similarly, the K9 FitReady strength exercises in this 8 week program have been specifically selected to enhance the functional movements required of the AGILITY dog in doing agility and to help prevent common agility dog injuries. Specifically, this program will improve core, rear & shoulder strength, spinal flexibility, a strong back, improve footwork, balance & proprioception. 

The program will include:

  • A comprehensive K9 FitReady Strength program EVERY 3 weeks (commencing from week 1), starting from level 1 with progressions to higher levels in the following weeks
  • 2 NEW Jumping grids EVERY week
  • Video demonstrations & explanation of all K9 FitReady strength exercises and where necessary videos of the Jumping grids will be provided
  • Warm up & cool down routines
  • Targeted Active stretches for your dog
  • BONUS week (Week 0) to cover introduction, setting baselines and key foundation skills. This will precede Week 1 of the program and will be available from the time you join the group

Equipment required

  • Minimal fitness equipment is required. Ideally, you will use disc/twin disc & paw pods but suggestions will be made for substitutes from normal household items.
  • A low nonslip platform
  • 5 wingless (if not, winged will suffice) jumps, 1 winged jump and a stride regulator (large PVV pipe sliced into half. A tunnel is also useful for one of the jumping grids but you can substitute with a large cone instead

How this online class will run

  • Upon purchasing your spot, you will be invited to a Private Facebook group either via an email invite or if you are my FB friend, you will be added to the group & be required to accept.
  • BONUS week (Week 0) to cover introduction, setting baselines and key foundation skills will be available as soon as you join the group. 
  • Detailed descriptions and demo videos of exercises will be uploaded weekly. In general, the K9 strength exercises will be practised for at least 2 -3 weeks with progression of intensity provided in the following weeks. Unless otherwise stated, the Jumping grids will be changed on a weekly basis.
Participants will receive the following:
  • Access to all the material and videos uploaded to a private Facebook group for 6 months
  • Option to post one video per exercise (max length: 1 min) plus follow up video per exercise if required every week.
  • Personalised feedback will be provided for each video
  • Option to post unlimited questions related to the exercises and their dog
  • Only one dog per working spot
Learning occur best through active participation - so the cost of the course is set at less than audit price of other courses and participation in the form of videos and questions is welcomed from ALL and feedback given all.



BONUS introduction week commences  as soon as you join the Facebook group. Participants can register at any time from today . Registrations will close on Friday 3rd April.

Week 1 of program commences Saturday 4th April and the course will continue for 8 weeks to 30th May 2020 

Feedback from past participants:

"I respected Tsuey Hiu's knowledge and experience before I started the K9 FitReady 8 weeks to Trial Fitness Program, however this course far exceeded my expectations. In my opinion Tsuey is an expert in her field and I commend her on producing an excellent program. I recommend anyone interested in learning how to help their performance dog develop the fitness necessary to achieve optimal performance for the sport of agility, and who wants to do all they can to help reduce the risk of injury to undertake this 8 week program.
The course structure made the program easy to follow, progressing from foundation exercises to those more advanced helping participants develop the necessary knowledge and skill to carry out the exercises and drills correctly. "

- Linda Glen (NSW)

" This course was so informative l found it easy to follow, post videos and understand all the requirements. It was so much fun to participate. I think your feed back was spot on. So detailed and specific to each team. I know Boudica’s physical strength has improved and she is much more confident after doing this course. "

- Katie Letts (VIC)

" I just wanted to say how awesome your course is, I am just loving it. Your explanations and feedback are so good, just wonderful. I have done a couple of online FB canine fitness and conditioning courses over the years and yours is by far he best 100%."

- Karen Johnston (Dubbo)

About the instructor

The instructor, Tsuey Hiu has been actively involved in a wide range of dogs sports including obedience, agility, dwd and herding for over 15 years. She currently owns and train 6 working border collies and is passionate about canine fitness and welfare. 

She spent a number of years doing fitness courses offered by other fitness trainers and researched thoroughly for the most in depth canine fitness certification course available until she came across the Canine Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT) course offered in Fenzi Academy  by the world renowned Canine physiotherapist Dr Debbie Torraca and became the first Australian to be awarded the certificate of CPFT. The learning did stop after obtaining her certification. She continued to amass more knowledge on canine anatomy, canine injuries and rehabilitation through online self study professional courses and books. Tsuey also holds a certificate in applied animal behaviour  analysis LLA (training under another world renowned dog trainer, Dr Susan Friedman) and is well versed in the positive training of behaviours

To complement canine fitness training, she has spent literally months studying with Linda Mecklenburg, the world expert on Jumping, participating in most of her online jumping courses with different dogs and have also studied & practised the methodology of Susan Salo for over 12 years.

Waiver and Release of Liability:

By booking this spot you acknowledge that dog training brings with it the risk of injury and as consideration for the right to participate in this online course, you hereby knowingly and voluntarily enter into this waiver and release of liability and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind whatsoever arising out of your participation in this course.


By booking this spot you acknowledge that all material in this course are the property of the course instructor to do as she sees fit and you shall not copy and distribute any of the material in this course.

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