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Doggie-Zen Holee Roller Octopus Fleece Bungee Chaser


A new big favorite with the dogs! A durable fighting toy with both ball and wonderfully tantalising octopus arms made of braided fleece. A toy for the fighting mad as well as the slightly more difficult to flirt with the dog, the flappy arms stimulates the desire to hunt and the HR ball can be filled with a squeaker or why not a treat.

Suited to a the dog who likes to mix tugging and hunting play, with its longer braided arms it can stimulate the fighting spirit of the slightly difficult tugging individual.

Play style: Balls are life + fighting game = true Trigger me with hunting

 Dimensions: JW Hol-ee Roller Small Size Total length: approx. 90 cm Handle: approx. 40 cm Ball: 7.6 cm Fleece braids: approx. 40 cm

Perfect toy for the slightly more difficult to play with dogs, as the arms start to stimulate the dog.
• Teach your dog to love to tug by first starting a fun hunting game that is interspersed with tugging.
• The fluttering "arms" will make your dog love this toy.
• Made of fleece, JW Hol-ee Roller S and with handles in different colors.
• JW Hol-ee Roller, a stretchable netball that the dog can tug with and that you can also put in a pipe toy or larger treat in.
• The handle is made of products that are also used by climbers, durable even for the strongest fights.
• Doggie-Zen toys are made for active play between dog and trainer, they are not made to let the dog lie and chew.

The toy is sent in mixed colors so apart from the ball color, we cannot select fleece colors.

Washing instructions
The toy should not be machine washed. If necessary, the toy can be soaked with a little detergent and then air-dried.


All Doggie-Zen products are manufactured in Sweden.

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