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Touchango Ultimate Chase the Ace Treat ball


The **Ultimate** Chase The Ace is a combination of two of our most popular toys. A TouchanTreat Ball where you can hide yummy treats, on a long chaser with the added excitement of a sheepskin bar. Perfect for initiating chase drive in dogs who are not necessarily into toys!!

The TouchanTreat is a clever toy that holds a treat between 3 velcro 'petals', so your dog can rip open the ball time and time again to receive the treat, without destroying the toy. It's perfect for rewarding your dog at a distance and for throwing. Dog's love to chase and when they reach the ball they don't have to wait for you to catch up and open it - they open it themselves by pushing their nose between the petals to reach the treat, simples!

The colorful long webbing chaser has a real sheepskin bite bar. Of course as with all of our Touchango Toys the handle is fleece lined for a soft comfortable grip. The length of the toy makes it perfect to initiate chase drive, and the sheepskin provides interest and stimulation, as well as the TouchanTreat. 

Features and Benefits

  • TouchanTreat is a nice, visible size for the dog. 
  • Area in the middle of the ball can be filled with your dog's favourite treats.
  • Clever 3 petal velcro opening holds the treat inside  but lets the dog access the treat easily themselves.
  • Excellent toy for food-motivated dogs, so you can throw your reward.
  • Substantial sheepskin bar adds interest and stimulation
  • Can be really useful with highly excitable dogs too, helping them engage their brain to receive the reward.

Get creative with your toy play - drag along the ground, flick from side to side, whip away from the dog to create the natural erratic movement of prey. Quick movement creates excitement, interest and 'drive' !!

TouchanTreats ball are made from sturdy material, however they are not designed to be used as a tug toy.

Colour may vary according to availability.

TouchanTreats are handmade in the UK, therefore size may vary slightly.

Ball approximately 8cm diameter

Length of sheepskin bar is approximately 28cm

Approximate length of toy is 130cm.

Sheepskin is a natural product therefore fur length and texture may vary.

Colour of toy may vary - if you have a particular request please contact us.

Handmade by us in the UK with love - and all sheepskin is responsibly sourced in the UK.

Please Note; Touchango Toys are designed for interactive play between you and your dog. Please supervise play at all times and do not leave the dog unattended with the toy. 

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