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Non-Stop Dogwear - Line Harness


The Line Harness  (half harness) is an excellent choice for walks, tracking, hunting, and everyday activities with the dog. It is a versatile and padded harness, well-fitting for small to large-sized dogs.
After fitting the first time, the harness is very easy to put on and take off.
It is padded all over which makes the harness very comfortable for the dog to wear for everyday use and many different activities.
The harness features two attachment points for your leash: one on the dog’s back for everyday walks or casual running, and one under the dog’s rib cage for tracking and scent training with a long line.
The orange loop in the front is a mild anti pull option (not for strong pullers )for training your dog not to pull.
The harness has reflective strips on both sides to increase visibility. 
  • Multiple leash connection points
  • Ergonomic design to give shoulders unrestricted movement
  • Adjustable fit around the chest
  • Easy on/off design with 2 buckles
  • Softly padded with no sharp angles for comfort & to prevent chafing
  • Hypalon reinforcements on stressed joints.
  • Constructed from durable, tightly woven nylon and have a cell foam base to prevent water soaking in.
  • Integrated 3M reflective materials for the dog's safety at night.
  • Available in Black, Blue, Orange and Purple
Available sizes and fitting
Available Sizes 3 4 5 6 7
Neck  circumference (cms) 29-31 31-34 34-41 41-48 48-52
Chest circumference (cms) 35-63 48-69 49-75 50-83  53-92
Max head size (cms) 36 40 47 54 60
 We carry sizes 3 to 7 as the most popular sizes. As an indication a border collie would normally fit sizes 4 to 6, depending on its size.
How to find correct size :Start with measuring the dog’s neck circumference. You should be able to fit two fingers between the dog’s neck and the harness. The Line harness is adjustable around the chest. If you are not able to try the harness on before buying, measure the neck-circumference, and follow the size chart on our website.
Please contact us for a special order if you require a size & color outside the range we carry.
Detailed description
Multiple leash connection options make this harness versatile in use. In addition to the back-attachment point, there is a loop for attaching a tracking line on the chest. This enables the dog to roam and sniff without having the line tangle on the legs. From size 4 and up, there is a third attachment loop in front of the chest for mild anti-pull control.
This comfortable harness is ergonomically designed to give the dog's shoulders unrestricted movement. The harness is adjustable around the chest. After the initial adjustment is made, it secures with two buckles, making it easy to take on and off.
This harness is available in four colors; orange, blue, purple, and black. Stripes with a 3M reflective material make the dog visible from all angles when it is dark.
The dog's wellbeing is essential for us when we are carefully designing every harness at Non-stop dogwear. Ergonomic design requires attention to detail. We always construct the inner lining so that all materials overlap without any hard edges. Harnesses are made from durable, tightly woven nylon and have a cell foam base to prevent water soaking in. Every seam has its smooth side towards the dog's body, all to make sure the harness does not chafe the dog. All our harnesses have integrated 3M reflective materials for the dog's security.
This anatomical design approach with freedom of movement and comfortable breathing is our trade. Line Harness has Hypalon reinforcements on stressed joints.
I would think that size 5 and/or 6 would be for a normal size Border Collie with the neck openings between 34-41cm and 41-48cm respectively.


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