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Classics of Training – Ted Turner Seminar

$30.00 $45.00

Author: Ted Turner

Format: DVD

Running Time: 5 hrs

Release date: 1996

This is a classic that every animal trainer will want to have in their library for reference and inspiration. Featuring 2 seminars:

1)   The ABCs of behaviour Shaping and the Fundamentals of Training. 

The use of ANTECEDENTS, to access desired BEHAVIOUR by the deliberate use of positive reinforcement as a CONSEQUENCE is the infallible course to training success. These principles are universal in their application to all mammals, species and canine breeds.Ted’s easy and entertaining presentation covers the fundamentals of training: building relationships and attention, scheduling reinforcement and planning and evaluating each session.

2)   Proactive behaviour Management and extinguishing Aggression & other Problem Behaviour.

      Here, Ted explains the application of behaviour shaping to extinguish aggression and other problem behaviours, including techniques to build thresholds, identify precursors to aggressive incidents and proactive  training to avoid developing problem behaviours.

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