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Doggie-Zen Bungee Sheepskin Rocket


Take your dog training to the moon and back with this amazing Doggie- Zen Bungee Sheepskin Rocket.

Reward your pup with a play session with the Rocket and you will reach new heights. The Rocket consists of one part long-haired sheepskin, that tempts even the hard-to-motivate dog when it's dragged in a zigzag pattern on the ground, and one part thick and fluffy luxuary fake fur in mixed colors.

A bungee webbing connects the two parts, making tugging both fun and comfortable for you and your best friend. This toy is primarily made for puppies and youngsters, and small to medium sized dog, due to the smaller bungee webbing (15 mm). This toy can be used both in games of chase and tug. It's an excellent toy for puppies and youngsters to entice their play drive.

Play style

Give me a game of chase and I'm yours

Tugging Power



Size Total length: approximately 55 cm Bungee: approximately 20 cm Sheepskin: approximately 20 cm Fake fur: approximately 12-15 cm

The long-haired sheepskin tempts even the hard-to-motivate dog when it's dragged in a zigzag pattern on the ground.
• Made of enticingly fluffy sheepskin from Swedish sheeps with bungee handles in different colors.
• The sheepskin is organically tanned.
• Sheepskin is a very tough skin, it can vary in density and thickness.
• Made of enticingly fluffy high quality fake fur with bungee handles in different colors.
• The fake fur is thick and durable, and the dogs love it.
• Bungee reduces jarring of the dog’s neck and handler’s shoulder.
• Handle made of climbing-grade webbing, durable enough even for the toughest tuggers.
• Please note that Doggie-Zen toys are designed for active play between dog and handler. They are not designed for chewing.

Wash care
Sheep skin toys can be hand or machine washed on a low heat (max 30° C) woollen or delicate cycle with washing powder intended for wool or leather.

Sheepskin: Sweden

All Doggie-Zen products are made in Sweden.

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