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Ke-hu Squeaky Plasma


Designed and handmade in Finland, the Ke-hu range of tug toys are the tug toys of choice of  top European handlers. Impeccably made with their trade mark double stitched soft fleece padded handles and bungee section, they are hard to resist! Every dog deserves a Ke-hu!

Ke-hu PLASMA is slightly longer Ke-hu with fluffy faux fur and squeaky fun toy made from top quality long pile faux fur. Some dogs like furry toys, most dogs LOVE to chase LONG toys and this toy has even squeakers to add more fun to it!

Fur length 30 cm. Web width 2.6cm Total length 56 cm.

Durability is good, but faux fur does not last if dog starts to pull of the fur with his front teeth.

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