Petstages Dental Chew pack


The needs of small dogs can vary, depending on temperament, age and breed. The mini dental chew pack is perfect for small breeds and addresses different aspects of dental needs, such as soothing gums, removing tartar or just heavy chewing.

Your dog is sure to enjoy each of these great chewing toys.

This 3-pack of toys includes a Mini ORKA Pinecone, Mini Cool Chew and Mini Dental Rope.

Toys measure between 3" and 5".


Mini ORKA Pine Cone

- Stands up to tough chewing and bounces and floats

- Great to chew, toss and fetch

Mini Cool Chew

- Can be frozen to soother tender gums

- Crunchy when frozen to provide soothing relief

Mini Dental Rope

- Rope removes soft tartar to enhance dental health

- Knots add interest and challenge




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