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SILVER Faux Fur bungee tug

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Latest addition to Game on dog's exclusive range of quality dog toys imported from European toy designer, Zayma.

The Unicorn series are products that use the irresistible microfiber faux fur material. Add MAGIC to your training with the Unicorn tug!

Toys with artificial fur are suitable when we want to have a more versatile toy than natural fur. Artificial fur structure can be checked by dogs, who do not like a large amount of fur, like those with sheep fur.
The Unicorn fur tug encourages the fun with its stunning rainbow colors, unleashes the natural instincts of our pet and motivates you to work well as a team. In addition, they are quite robust and easy to clean. The bungee handle acts as a shock absorber protecting both dog and handler.

The Silver Faux Fur tug made of artificial fur and a soft tubular tape. The handle lined with a durable, easy-to-clean softshell.


M-This is the most versatile size, perfectly suited for small, medium and large dogs (Shetland Sheepdog, a  spaniel, a Border collie, a nova duck tolling retriever)
Dimensions (approximate only)


Bungee [cm]   18
Fur Zone [cm]  13
Total with handle 50

Available in a variety of gorgeous color combos (Pink, Purple, Blue and Orange). Due to the creative process, there may be slight variations in the colors of the lining and webbing from those featured in the photos.

You are welcome to select main webbing color but if selected color is not available, we will supply the next color.

The toy is used only to play together with the owner. Do not leave your dog alone with a toy. After playing, the product should be stowed out of the reach of the pet.

Machine washable at 30 ' C, allow to dry in a warm, dry place.



















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