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Snuffle Mat


SNUFFLE mat, same same but different than all! 
Imported from Europe, the mat is sewn, not braided. Its base is a thick felt, impregnated from the bottom, to which are sewn thickly strips of thick, highest quality fleece.
Unlike other mats, the strips of fleece here are carefully folded to create a DENSE mat, thereby making the search for treats more of an ADVENTURE! The fleece fringes in every size have a different size.
Two strong elastics are sewn to the base, allowing the mat to roll up. Thanks to this, it does not take up much space.
It can be washed in the washing machine in 30'C.
Compared to the mats woven on the doormat, there is no unpleasant smell of rubber from ours.
The snuffle mat is an enriching toy, a slow feeder, an interactive dispenser for treatment and the ability to work with your nose.
• Meets the dog's natural need for forage.
• Suitable for all ages and lives, from puppies to seniors.
• Provides the necessary enrichment for older animals, the blind, deaf or reduced mobility.
• Offers distraction during labor or stress.
• Works well with nervous dogs
• Using your nose tires and calms animals

Use and care:
• Shake the mat to loosen the fleece straps.
• Sprinkle with small delicacies or a croquette from the daily portion directly on top. Only dry delicacies!
• Put the food into the mat or shake it slightly to spread it.
• Always observe your pet during use; we recommend removing after finishing. Do not leave the dog alone with the mat.
• Shake the mat after each use and let food left out.
The mat consists of a felt mat, impregnated from the bottom, and pieces of thick, high-quality fleece. There are 2 elastic bands sewn on the bottom, thanks to which you can roll the mat in a roll. 

Available in two sizes
S - 20 x 30 cm
M - 30 x 40cm 

The given size is the size of the mat, it does not take into account protruding fringes so the resultant mat may be bigger than the dimensions.
Can be machine washed at 30'C, centrifuging preferably from 800 down, recommended program for delicate items. Allow to dry in a warm, dry place. 
Put the machine rolled upside down in the washing machine. 
Fun should be carried out under the supervision of the owner. After finished playing, the product should be kept out of the reach of a dog.

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