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Touchango Shorty Wabbit

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We are incredibly excited to introduce Touchango Toys !! Bright, funky and durable toys designed to encourage interactive play between you and your dog.

Ah, we love a Touchango Wabbit Shortie !! Fun and funky webbing handle, with a rabbit fur bite area. Folds up perfectly into your hand or pocket to whip out for a quick game of tug. Also great for smaller dogs and puppies.

All of our rabbit fur is responsibly sourced within the UK. Rabbit fur adds an element of enticement to encourage your dog to play - it's a favourite for an awful lot of dogs lol. Rabbit fur is a natural product and colour and texture may vary.

Rabbit fur bite area approximately 12cm long, overall toy length approximately 28cm. width of Rabbit bite area is approx 2.5cm

Handmade by TouchandGo in the UK with love.

Please Note; Touchango Toys are designed for interactive play between you and your dog. Please supervise play at all times and do not leave the dog unattended with the toy.

If the color you selected is not available, we will send the next available one.

 Machine washable at 30 degrees, allow to dry naturally.

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