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TugAway Holee Football Raccoon Tail Chaser

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The coyote tail is reinforced with a piece of 1/4” nylon sewn to the tip. This is sewn onto a Small or Medium Hol-ee Football toy. The football is then sewn onto a 5/8” soft touch bungee handle.

 Approximate total toy length is 32”-38”. Length varies according to how long the coyote tail and ball are.

Available in different colors ball and webbing. Please allow us to choose

Small ball 3.5”

Medium ball 5”

Made of genuine fur, this toy is intended for interactive play with your dog and is not to left unattended with your dog. As with all prey animals, fur is susceptible to being ripped apart by eager canine teeth. How efficient they are i this endeavour depends on the dog.

Not recommended for the washing machine.

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