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Treat Pod Ball

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Small: Pod 6.5cm diameter
Medium:  Pod 8cm diameter


Playing ball with your dog is about to become ten times more fun for you and your dog. The interactive treat toy is shaped like a ball. The treat is hidden in the pod for your dog to discover. The small treat pod easily fits in your pocket.

Popular uses:

Interactive treat toy for dog training (recall, forward focus and send away)

Encourages your dog to play

A favourite toy for agility and flyball

Dog training for scent work

Puppy training and play

Material: Durable soft fleece. Machine washable

Comes in a variety of stunning colors. You are welcome to request a specific color but if not in stock, we will supply the next color available.

How to use:

Train your dog to open the Treat Pod by laying it open with a treat on top. When your dog is confident, gradually close two of the sides. Finally close all sides. Always put a treat inside to maintain their motivation.

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