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Do It Yourself Tug Toy


NEW Innovative DIY toy from quality tug manufacturer Crash Test Toys! Choose from a range of tugs and simply add your dog's favourite toy to the end of the tug. The tugs are made of strong webbing, some with a bungee with two handles - a loop handle to hold and a smaller loop on the other end to connect a holee ball, sphericon and any other toy that can be attached! Add a SHEEP FLEECE or FUN FUR section on the connector and your dog is in 7th HEAVEN!!

The sky and your imagination is the LIMIT!!

The webbing is doubled over making it 2 ply, very durable and forgiving on the hands!

The wide range of connectors available include:

Sheep Fleece with bungee

Sheep Fleece without bungee

FUN FUR with bungee

FUN FUR without bungee

CLASSIC Bungee connector without fur 

 Assortment of colors, please allow us to choose.

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