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Ke-hu Flat Treat Pouch Tug Toy


Designed and handmade in Finland, the Ke-hu range of tug toys are the tug toys of choice of  top European handlers. Impeccably made with their trade mark double stitched soft fleece padded handles and bungee section, they are hard to resist! Every dog deserves a Ke-hu!

Ke-hu Flat is Ke-hu made from faux sheep skin fur. It is more durable than Ke-hu Mop. We have chosen quality faux fur. The hair doesn’t fall off easily to keep dog’s mouth and training place clean. This toy has treatpocket with velcro closure. Pocket inside has dirt-repellent fabric. Machine washable.
Ke-hu Flat is available without treatpocket. (see Ke-hu Flat )

XS – Fur part 4.5 x 12 cm. Webbing width 1.5 cm.
Overall length about 32 cm. Size - ideal for PUPPIES and SMALL breeds.
M – Fur part 6 x 19 cm. Webbing width 2.5 cm.
Overall length 39 cm. Size - ideal for MEDIUM to LARGE breeds.



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