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Pocket Treat Pod Teaser

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A little smaller than the Short Treat Pod Teaser , the Pocket Treat Pod teaser is a handy interactive treat toy which can easily put in your pocket. The treat tuggy is fantastic for heelwork and getting your dog’s attention. Reward your dog with a quick game of gentle tug and a treat hidden in the pod.

 Popular uses:

Interactive treat toy for dog training (heelwork, recall, forward focus and send away)

Encourages your dog to play

A favourite toy for agility and flyball

Dog training for scent work

Puppy training and play

 Material: Durable soft fleece. Machine washable.

 Size: Pod end 5cm diameter, approximate length 20cm

How to use:

Train your dog to open the Treat Pod by laying it open with a treat on top. When your dog is confident, gradually close two of the sides. Finally close all sides.

When your dog is super keen on the pod, start moving the pod tug around slowly to entice your dog to chase and pounce on it and eventually GENTLE tug. Always put a treat inside to maintain their motivation.

* This toy is not a tug toy for the serial tuggers!! It is intended to ignite the play/chase instinct for small to medium sized dogs who are reluctant to play. Once their play drive has been ignited, we recommend that you use a stronger tug toy to further develop their tugging

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