Private Coaching


Build a stronger bond with your dog through education, play and positive training based on the science of learning.

Game On Dogs private coaching teaches you and your dog the joy and benefits of playing and training together. In a fun, stress free way you will learn to train your dog to be a responsible canine good citizen and valued member of your family whilst learning core life skills through interactive play and training.

Training offered includes:

  • Young dog foundation
  • Performance puppy foundation
  • Actvitiy class for active dogs
  • General obedience
  • Agility and competitive obedience

Please contact for details.

About the instructor/owner

The instructor, Tsuey Hiu entered the world of dog training when she acquired her first dog in Sydney, a siberian husky. She was told then by many trainers and breeders that a sibe could not be trusted off leash and was impossible to train. Refusing to accept that the science of learning and behaviour do not apply to a particular breed, she embarked on a journey to learn all she can about behaviour and training. Quintus, her first sibe and Camus, her second lived happy LEASH FREE lives for over 14 years and have competed successfully in obedience, Rally O and agility, attaining the highest titles in agility. Both of them also enjoyed a career in advertising.

Tsuey now trains and compete 6 dogs (6 working border collies) in various sports including sheepwork, agility, rally, DWD and obedience. She continues to refute one size fit all training and believes that every dog is an individual and brings with it their own unique training needs and challenges. Her training program embraces the individuality of every dog and is underpinned by a belief in BALANCE in training and that training dogs extends beyond success in the competition ring & instead permeates all aspects of life.

Her passion for dogs and love of knowledge have fueled her quest for knowledge and over the last decade has seen her attend many seminars by acclaimed instructors. Her manifold academic achievements include a Certificate in Animal behaviour (University of Tennessee), Certificate of Laser therapy for companion animals and a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer.