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BIG Sheep Fur bungee tug with Sports print

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Latest addition to Game on dog's exclusive range of quality dog toys imported from Europe! 

Sheep Fur Tug Toy-  Gray Sheepskin with Bungee Handle made with speciality designer printed webbing featuring DOG SPORTS - dogs engaged in agility, disc dog and other active sports.

Handmade dog tug toy.
If your dog loves to play, this toy is just for him!
Tug toy develops dog desire to play, chase instinct. Dogs LOVE the smell. Significantly increases the motivation to work. The strong durable bungee acts as a shock absorber and makes it FUN and SAFE for both dog and handler to play!
It works well in dog sports like agility, but also in daily practice.
You can use it to interact and build a positive relationship. This tug is soft for your dog mouth
Size is suitable for medium to large breeds
It is made of sheepskin, tubular webbing, softshell and shock absorber.
All the stitches are made with super strong thread.
The handle is lined softshell for your convenience.
You must not wash in the washing machine!

Fur color: GRAY

Due to the nature of natural fur, the resulting product may differ from that in the picture
Good for dogs up to 20-25kg 
Total length is 20" (49cm), sheepskin is 7,5" (19cms). Webbing width 1"(25mm)
To be used as a training tool and is for supervised used only. While the toy is strong it is not indestructible.

You are welcome to select main webbing color but if selected color is not available, we will supply the next available color.

The toy is used only to play together with the owner. Do not leave your dog alone with a toy. After playing, the product should be stowed out of the reach of the pet.




















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