Bungee Leather Loop Tug


The Bungee leather loop tug has 8 to10 inches of leather that overlaps for a tough bite area– the large size has 10” that overlaps 3-ply (the small size has 8” and overlaps 2-ply) over a heavy duty tubular nylon webbing that connects as bungee sections to another bite area made of soft faux fur. This soft fur section covers the webbing and is stitched along the entire length of the fur area. The tubular climbing web has a piece of heavy duty shock cord inside that allows stretch. Having stretch in the tug reduces wear & tear on both the handler & dog and it actually makes the tug last longer as it doesn’t get the sharp impact shock of a static toy.

Available with red, blue, black or purple webbing and in 2 sizes. The Small/Medium is suitable for dogs up to boder collie size and the Large is suitable for the larger breeds like the Malinois, shepherds or really strong tuggers! Please select size tab on your left.


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