Clean Run Special Collector's Edition - Handling

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Format: Magazine, 104 pages

Release date: 2005


This Clean Run special collector's issue of the magazine is all about handling, course running, crosses and turns:
Linda Mecklenburg explains her system for giving the dog early notice of direction changes,

Susan Garrett details the correct footwork and technique for doing a front cross,

Jane Simmons-Moake shows you how crossing behind a layer back can put you way ahead,

Nancy Gyes looks at tight turns and efficient lines,

Jo Sermon instructs on how to reward turns at a distance for those of us who aren't fleet of foot,

Deb Jones looks at the controversial blind cross,

Chris Zink discusses identifying and training for lead changes,

Kathy Keats explains how the placement of a front cross affects the dog's path,

Tracy Sklenar discusses the false turn, our panel of experts discuss the timing of a front cross, an illustrated glossary of crossing terms, and more!

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