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Doggie-Zen Long Bungee Sheepskin with JW Cuz Chaser


Fun toy that combines elastic sheepskin hunter camp with JW Good Cuz, a fun pipe ball made of non-toxic rubber.

• Perfect toy for the slightly more difficult to flirt with dogs, as the long handle allows you to lure the dog with a fun hunting game.

• Long handle that means that you do not have to bend down with a smaller dog or puppy.

• Made of wonderfully fluffy sheepskin from Swedish sheep with handles in different colors.

• Sheepskin is organically tanned.

• Sheepskin is a very durable leather, there may be some variations in thickness.

• The elastic part reduces jerks for both the dog and the trainer during fighting. • The handle is made of products that are also used by climbers, durable even for the strongest fights.

• Doggie-Zen toys are made for active play between dog and trainer,

Size Total length: approx. 110 cm Handle: approx. 90 cm (of which approx. 18 cm elastic) Fur part: approx. 12 cm Cuz S: 5 x 6 cm The toy is sent in mixed colors. 

Washing instructions
The toy should not be machine washed. If necessary, the handle and sheepskin can be dipped in water with a little detergent intended for wool or leather and then air-dried.

Sheep fur color of stock is white NOT Black

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