Engagement Skills with Forrest Micke



What is Engagement? Why is it the first behavior we should teach every new dog, be it an 8 week old puppy or an 8 year old rescue dog? These are questions new that every new dog owner needs to ask and understand.

In its simplest form, engagement means your dog is totally focused on you, it wants to be with you, and it wants what you have. What you have is either his high value food reward or a high value toy reward.

The picture of a dog that is engaged is a happy dog that is focused on his trainer and is inviting his owner to play. Dogs that are fully engaged ignore outside distractions. They ignore other people, places and things.  A fully engaged dog will ignore other dogs or distractions in any environment his owner choses to place him or her in.

If you are a trainer who wants to develop a relationship with your dog where the dog looks forward to your training sessions then you need to become a student of engagement. In this DVD, Forrest Micke will teach anyone how to get engagement with their dog. You will learn how to keep your dog engaged during training sessions and how to put engagement on CUE.

Learning to put engagement on cue should be the foundation to every dog training program. That’s why we here at Leerburg will spend a long time working on engagement exercises in different places under varying levels of distraction before we move on to more advanced behaviors.

For those who are still not sure what engagement is, go to almost any local dog training school or class and look at the dogs as they take the class. The last place on earth these dogs want to be is where they are. Very few of the dogs in these courses are engaged with their owners.

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