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FlexiPAWS Cloud


Flexiness®FlexiPAWS Cloud is BACK in STOCK!!

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Ever dreamt of a peanut you can easily use without a holder?
Flexiness and FitPAWS teamed up and we’re proud to present our co-branded new product the ‚FlexiPaws Cloud‘, then only sky is our limit!

FlexiPAWS – Cloud

  • Tool for beginners and advanced users
  • Pump up the device to the specified size (height), let it rest for the first day and pump up after about 4 weeks. The amount of air affects the stability of the tool. In any case, the floor should be slightly curved to achieve the desired effect. The more air, the more curvature the more difficult the device becomes. Please be aware of this issue.
  • Nerve stimulation through knobs
  • The tool can be used on both sides.

Size: approx. 70cmx40cmx32cm – petrol

FlexiPaws Cloud for:

  • Agility & flexibility
  • Body awareness & balance
  • Muscle building
  • Team building & concentration
  • Injury prevention
  • Additional care instructions:

 Please use a regular inflatable pump for gymnastic balls or a compressor. In winter season please wait with inflating till the product/material has room temperature. There‘s no difference between the colours, it is the same product (size, material) Please always inflate enough and make sure there is a good amount of air in the CLOUD. The bottom should be slightly curved and shouldn‘t be flat. Otherwise the product doesn‘t have enough air and the desired effect gets lost.

Important: the difficulty of balancing on the product increases the more the bottom is curved. We have chosen two different textures to have the possibility to play with the level of difficulty. As extra support, we recommend f.e. the Flexiness®SensiMats. For cleaning, simple water or even diluted dishwashing soap is suitable.

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