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Fluffy Speedy Bunny Fleece

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Latest addition to Game on dog's exclusive range of quality dog toys imported from Europe! Step into the realm of creativity and designer dog training toys with this quirky range of toys from Europe!

The Fluffy Speedy Bunny FLEECE is a long toy made for dragging on the ground and LOADS of RUNNING!!

Made of tantalising multi colored fleece tassles onto a bungee section and long tubular r webbing that attaches to a flirt pole.

The Fluffy Speedy Bunny  FLEECE is perfect training aid to help puppies and grown up doggies who are reluctant to play to transition to toy play.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** The flirt pole is not a tug toy. It is used to entice dogs to chase and play with their owners to promote more engagement. The pole will not withstand the rigors of tugging.

Flirt Pole: 100 - 120 cm

Total length of toy from end of pouch to handle approximates 120 cm! RUN!




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