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Fluffy Squid Puppy SUPER Teaser Special

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Latest addition to Game on dog's exclusive range of quality dog toys imported from Europe! Step into the realm of creativity and designer dog training toys with this quirky range of toys from Europe!

DOUBLE CHARGE the FUN by combining our FAVOURITE  toy, the Fluffy Squid Puppy Teaser with a bunch of soft tantalising fleece tassles on the other end, we have the Fluffy Squid Puppy SUPER Teaser!

On one end we have a soft bundle of bite joy made of rabbit fur and sheep fleece - the Fluffy Squid. This is connected by a bungee to a long fleece and ending in another delightful surprise for your puppy - a bundle of long fleece to grab as well!
Perfect for playing “SWAPPIES” with your puppy.

The long toy can be dragged on the ground to simulate prey and as soon as the pup catches it, we can use the other end to further excite it to engage in more tugging fun!

The Fluffy Squid Puppy SUPER teaser is a DOUBLE charged FUN toy for puppies and dogs who are reluctant to play.

Available in one size


Total length of tug from toy to end of handle approximates 150 cm. Get ready to RUN!

 Supervised play only.



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