Front and Rear Crosses


Author: Stacy Peardot-Goudy

Format: DVD

Running Time: 55 mins

Release date: 2008

In competition and practise we see all sorts of poorly executed crosses and dogs that do not fully understand their handlers’ cues for crosses. This can result in spins, off courses, dropped bars, wasted strides, unnecessary stress on the dog’s body and even decreased motivation because the dog is unsure about what the handler wants.

A properly executed front and rear cross should lead to a seamless change of side without hesitation in the dog’s forward movement. To achieve this, the dog must be taught the specifics of the cross itself and all the body language and any verbal cues that are associated with the cross.

This DVD covers all of the steps involved in teaching front and rear crosses and the training methods used are appropriate for puppies, dogs that need to be retrained and all of the stages in between.

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