Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs


Author: Karen Pryor

Format: Paperback

No of pages: 100

Release date: 2005


Clicker training is sweeping the world of dog ownership. With this book you can learn thebprinciples of this all positive method of training to deepen your bond with your dog. Find out why every interaction is a training opportunity, why mistakes are best ignored, why punishment doesn’t work and why your dog will understand the language of ‘click’ better than anything else.

I this new expanded version, clicker training pioneer Karen Pyror shows youthe is and outs of clicker training, from timing your clicks to teaching cute tricks. Whether you have a young puppy or an adukt dog, you can teach lifelong skills including:

·         Good manners, including walking without pulling and sitting to greet guests

·         Safety behaviours such as coming when called indoors or out

Fun games and novel tricks

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