Heeler's Toolbox I with Forrest Micke


The Heeler's Toolbox is a series of dvds with a comprehensive curriculum focusing on beginner, intermediate, and advanced obedience skills and techniques essential to any competitive obedience team. This series focuses heavily on both How to teach powerful, precise, and elegant heeling work and why the itemized skills and concepts are a benefit to any serious competitive partnership.

The first dvd in this 3-part series (Beginner) exposes students to groundwork skills and behaviors fundamental to the heeling relationship as well as core concepts necessary for preparation to more advanced stages of the training program. Video and discussion will focus heavily on handler and canine skill building, individual team troubleshooting, and maintaining a relationship-centered training partnership.

Topics Covered:

  • Engagement - creating an empowered student
  • Body Awareness & Conditioning - fun physical conditioning in preparation for heeling
  • Getting That Head Position Right!
  • Focus and Proofing - clockwork and value transfer games to accomplish both
  • Power-Ups - adding energy with functional, highly reinforced behaviors

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