K9 Natural Freeze Dried Meal - Raw Green Tripe Supplement

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K9 Natural is a revolutionary, New Zealand made, 100% raw, freeze dried dog food which combines the natural goodness of fresh whole foods with an absolute commitment to the true nutritional needs of canines. Contains NATURAL PROBIOTICS

• Free of grain and hormone growth promotants. Free range from grass fed animals. Absolutely no additives, artificial preservatives, wheat, wheat gluten, rice, rice gluten, cereal bulking agents or corn.
• Based on the actual diet of the domestic dog’s closest relative, the Grey Wolf
• Resealable bag allows you to take out what you need and reseal the bag for continued freshness
• Suitable for all ages puppy to senior

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Raw Green Tripe contains natural probiotics. It is recommended to assist the transition for dogs onto a species appropriate natural raw diet. Feeding raw freeze dried green tripe for approximately one week before you start to feed a K9 Natural diet can help make a smooth transition. We do not recommend mixing tripe or any raw diets with cooked food (kibble). Further information can be found on the transition here. We recommend that diet modifications for dogs with digestive problems should be made in conjuction with your canine health provider. 

Size: 200g
Ingredients / Composition:
Lamb green tripe.
Guaranteed Analysis (Frozen values):
Minimum Crude Protein 64%
Minimum Crude Fat 19%
Maximum Crude Fibre 2.3%
Maximum Moisture 6%
Minimum Lactobacillus
Acidophilus (CFU/g) 22,000

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