Ke-hu Kekku Tug


Designed and handmade in Finland, the Ke-hu range of tug toys are the tug toys of choice of  top European handlers. Impeccably made with their trade mark double stitched soft fleece padded handles and bungee section, they are hard to resist! Every dog deserves a Ke-hu

Ke-hu Kekku is made of high quality faux fur squeaking toy. The Kekku has two faux fur cushions (10 by 14 cm) with a squeaker to excite the dog’s bite. Between the bars is a bungee section to provide exciting resistance and safe tugging. Ke-hu Kekku gets many dogs to go crazy!

The toy can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees. Total length of the toy is 39cm

Toys made from high-quality carefully selected materials. The selection of materials durability and usability are the first things that immediately after their most important criterion is the pleasure of toys produced. For example, this toy artificial hair does not shed lint. We strive to create a good mood toys, which dogs like and with bright colors bring joy to the dog owners.

Please note that these toys are not intended as a chew toy but intended to stimulate play between owner and dog.Please supervise your dog to play with the toy.

Ke-hu toys are manufactured in Finland.




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