Ke-hu Quirky Stick Tug Toy


Designed and handmade in Finland, the Ke-hu range of tug toys are the tug toys of choice of  top European handlers. Impeccably made with their trade mark double stitched feeced lined handles, they are hard to resist! Every dog deserves a Ke-hu!

Narrow squeaky stick with a double-textile layer,topped with a shortpile faux fur and within the strong nylon strap. The stuffing and the squeaker are inside strong nylon webbing that goes all the way through the inside of the stick. So if the dog makes a hole in the faux fur cover, the stuffing won't come out of the nylong webbing.

Attempts have been made to hide squeaker inside the padding as well as possible. Over time, however, it may quiet down when dog bites the toy. Durability is good.

The handle is has a short bungee section for exciting tension.The bar size is 22 x 4 cm. Total length about 41.5cm.

Available in assorted colors and prints. Please allow us to choose for you.

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