Klin Super Grip Working Leash

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Super Grip Working Leash (Non-slip Long Line)

This cotton webbing with woven rubber long line is perfect for trainers that do not want to lose hold of their long lines. The woven rubber makes this long line non-slip giving you perfect grip and feel. No handle means you can use the entire length of this lead without worrying about hook ups at the end. 20mm wide webbing and 5m in length.

Klin are German manufacturers of quality dog sport equipment making them ideal for the professional dog trainer and pet dog owner alike. They first started producing equipment in 1977 and have continued to grow and respond to the dynamically changing needs of their customers ever since.
The Klin brand is well known throughout the world and we are proud to introduce their equipment to the Australian market.

Training Aids – Get the right equipment and teach your dog to use it
Even once you have chosen the right equipment and accessories for your dog, the task of convincing it to accept and use them is still ahead. It’s just a matter of training.
Gone are the days when a lead and collar were the only tools available for training your dog, and the only things a dog needed were a food and water bowl and a bed to sleep in.
These days, the variety of accessories and equipment available to dog owners is endless and can be the cause of much confusion.
When choosing accessories and equipment for a dog, it’s important to consider the purpose you want the item to serve. Some items, such as harnesses, are designed for many different purposes; you can buy a harness to restrain your dog in the car, to minimise pulling on the lead during walks and even to distribute weight evenly on a dog that’s required to pull a heavy weights for canine sports.
So what types of equipment are best for you and your dog? Knowing the answer will help you both get the most out of training and make caring for your dog easier.
Training equipment
There are many things to consider when choosing training equipment for your dog. If you are going to participate in formal obedience training classes then you will need to find out what equipment is used by the trainers who run the classes.
Different dog trainers have different philosophies and preferences for training aids. Some prefer to train dogs using a flat collar, some prefer a slip chain and others might use a head halter as their tool of choice.
When purchasing training equipment try to take your dog with you. This will help you choose equipment that fits correctly. If you can’t take your dog with you, write down its measurements to help you find the right size.

All are UV coated to protect against decay and fading. “Broken-in” feel is gentle on the hands and allows easy folding to fit in your coat or vest pocket.

These leads are the preferred lead for all types of canine activity, from going for a walk with your best friend to full agility or training work.

It’s soft, luxurious feel is comfortable on the hands and allows easy folding to fit in a pocket

Made of waterproof, strong solid braid multi-filament UV coated polypropylene rope. Blk/charcoal

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