Kyjen Tennis Slider


Did you know that often the best way to tire your dog is to exercise his brain, not that phisical exercise is going to do him (or you) any harm; Kyjens new puzzle toys are perfect for occupying & challenging his cognitive skills & enriching his environment

The Kyjen Paw Flapper, Star Spinner & Treat Triad games work on your dog's instinctively enjoying the challenge of hunting and seeking out the hidden food

These puzzles allow them to forage for food in ways that come naturally in the wild

Tennis Slider

This toy is a unique combination of tennis ball and treat puzzle. Dogs must learn to rotate the two outer panels to reveal tennis ball chambers on both sides. Once both outer panels are open, the center slider is free to move back and forth, revealing additional treat chambers on either end. This puzzle has a total of four treat chambers and two tennis ball chambers, with two tennis balls included.

"At first, I thought this puzzle was going to be entirely too simple. My herding breed dog figured out how to get the good stuff rather quickly—but, each time we use it, it's like a new puzzle to him! Sometimes it takes him longer, sometimes shorter. But either way, he has so much fun figuring it out—and I love providing him with as much mental stimulation as possible!"

Patrice Phelos | Dog Trainer

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