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Mendota Dog Soft Handler's Lead - Leash and Collar in one. 

Developed by a professional handler to keep your dog leashed while going to and coming off the line, this lead has all of the features of our traditional slip lead, but with an additional leather stop to create a custom fit for your dog’s neck without tightening.
Meets all AKC, UKC and HRC field trial and hunt test requirements.
Width: 3/8 in
Length: 3 ft

Solid braid polypropylene rope
Loop handle & leather accents
Hand made in the USA
Available in Camo only

Getting to the point where your dog can be without a leash can take some time and patience. These training aids all help with this endeavor whether its preventing from your dog jumping up, keeping them close while in the field or knowing the correct distance to hunt out. As always, these are great for field training and at-home use.

Mendota Products offers todays dog owners, trainers and handlers the finest accessories available at a moderate price.

Handcrafted & made in the USA using only the finest materials, insures premium performance.

Strong multifilament polypropylene roping and solid braid webbing is waterproof and colourfast showing no performance loss when wet.

All are UV coated to protect against decay and fading. “Broken-in” feel is gentle on the hands and allows easy folding to fit in your coat or vest pocket.

These leads are the preferred lead for all types of canine activity, from going for a walk with your best friend to full agility or training work.

It’s soft, luxurious feel is comfortable on the hands and allows easy folding to fit in a pocket

Made of waterproof, strong solid braid multi-filament UV coated polypropylene rope

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