Monika Rylska Agility Seminar AUDIT SYDNEY February 2019


AUDIT SPOTS are AVAILABLE for purchase online here and are valid All day FROM 8.00 TO 4.00PM





Venue: Sydney International Equestrian Centre - Horsley Park

Working Spots - There maybe last minute cancellations. Please contact to be place on the waiting list. Communications sent to other email contacts will not be attended to.

A little about Monika Rylska:

Monika started agility in 2004 with my dalmatian Blue, she was her first dog. From Blue, she learnt patience and empathy. Her first border collie Tess is now 12 years old and retired, she was polish Top Agility Dog 2011, 2013 and Polish Agility Champion 2013. Her current superstar Chica is 6 years old now, she got 8th place in EO 2014 ind Jumping, 3rd place in AWC 2014 ind Agilty, 1st place in AWC 2015 Ind Agility, 1st place in Americas and Carrabean Individual and Team Open Championship 2016, Dania Cup 2017 Winner, polish Top Agility Dog 2017. The youngest, Koza, is 2 years old now and slowly getting ready for her agility adventure.

Monika believes in a simple system of handling and some consistent rules that allow dogs to understand different situations on the course. Because agility is a team work, her credo is to make both handler and dog as efficient and trained as possible. In Monika’s words “ My goal is to constantly improve, as your limits are always much further away then you expect” A goal all of us  will do well to adopt.

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