Natural Animal Solutions Ear Clear


Natural Animal Solutions® Ear Clear combines the finest plant extracts and natural ingredients with Aluminium Acetate Solution* to offer a product like no other in the current market.
No detergents, no foaming or irritating agents and no sticky oils or residues. Natural Animal Solutions® Ear Clear is a pharmaceutical strength formulation for cats and dogs with a handy dropper to ensure accurate administration. *Aluminium Acetate Solution is a unique strong and soothing drying agent exclusive to Natural Animal Solutions®. It is a strong antibacterial and antifungal solution.
Prevention, maintenance and cleaning solution
Strong drying solution, antifungal and antibacterial
Free from cortisone and antibiotics
Professionally formulated by Australian Naturopaths

Ingredients: Aluminium acetate solution*, aloe vera juice, witch hazel, boric acid, lavender oil.

Cats: 3 drops twice daily
Small Dogs: 1/4 - 1/2 a dropper twice daily
Medium - Large dogs: 1/2 - full dropper x 2 daily

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