Natural Animal Solutions OsteoForte


Natural Animal Solutions OsteoForte is an internationally patented herbal formula based upon proven Ayurvedic herbs and medicine. This unique formulation contains key ingredients promoting cartilage and joint health. OsteoForte is a safe and easy to use nutraceutical, free from steriods and NSAID's.

For Advanced joint support.
Strong joint support
High level of mobility support
No steriods or NSAID's

Active Ingredients:
Hermidesmus indicus (root) 1.23mg (10:1)
Moringa pterygosperma (root bardk) 625mg (5:1)
Tinospora sinensis (leaf) 1.5g (10:1)
Boerhavia (whole plant) 500mg (5:1)

Small cats and dogs: 1/4 capsule x 2 daily.
10 - 15k dog : 1 capsule daily.
30k dog: 1 capsule x 2 daily
60k dog: 2 capsules x 2 daily

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