One Mind - Agility for Handlers


Agility for handlers: Training for handlers to get better movement.

Agility is a team sport. Do you want to be able to help your agility dog on course as much as you can? Start developing also your own physical abilities!

Agility handlers benefit from fast and effective movement and efficient acceleration. To move fast and to be able to change direction rapidly, you need a proper running technique, muscular strength, reaction speed, coordination, balance and flexibility. Agility handlers need to use a lot of rotational movement from the upper body. Strengthening the muscles in your midsection helps you to avoid back injuries. Learning to move effectively in different handling maneuvers enables you to gain more ground over your dog, position yourself better on course and move several metres further on course than you did before.

All exercises in this DVD have been chosen to support the physical development of a handler in the sport of agility. The drills are versatile and efficient as well as fun.

The DVD includes:

·         Warm –up

·         Running technique drills

·         Ladder drills

·         Balance and coordination exercises

·         Handling technique exercises

·         Games

·         Muscular strength exercises

·         Fitness exercises

·         stretching

About the authors

Janita Leinonen has bee trained for the Finnish Olympic team in artistic gymnastics. She has also won the Finnish Championship in octhathlon. Her gymnastic background has given her a strong all-around experience from body control exercises. Janita has designed and organised courses in body control for agility handlers.

Niina-Liina Liinna has designed the running technique drills and coordination exercises in this DVD. She is a former member of the Finnish track and field National team and a Finnish Championship medaist in sprints. Niina-Liina’s athletic skills have lead to a lot of successes on agility courses.

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