One Mind - Agility Handling Technique 1


Introducing the One Mind handling system started by Janita Leinonen and is focused on strong pre-cuing and use of body language to help the dog understand where we want him to go after a specific obstacle before attempting it.

The idea is to let the dog perfectly know where you want to go. It's the dogs' system and is therefore named One Mind.


Everything started when Janita's Border Collie Tekla became deaf in 2003. Janita had been handling Tekla one obstacle at a time, using mostly verbal commands like "here" or the names of the obstacles. When Tekla lost the ability to hear, she was always going to wrong obstacles and obviously the verbal cues wouldn't work anymore.

Janita had two choices, either stop doing agility with Tekla or try to learn a consistent way to handle her without verbal commands. With Tekla's help Janita learned to understand agility from dog´s perspective. She found out what type of signals a dog reacts to on the course. At first it was purely learning from mistakes. Janita tried different things: what happens if the chest is pointing that way, what about if it's pointing that way, what if I take the steps like this or keep my hand here and there.


Gradually Janita learned ways to tell her dog CONSISTENTLY where to go and what to do on an agility course. We think that there are six major things that are affecting to dogs in the course: movement and positioning, contact with the dog, chest's laser point, legs, hands and voice. All the techniques are designed to have all six basic elements of handling supporting the same thing and making advancing of the dog in agility course as easy and effective as possible.

Handling Technique 1 dvd presents Forced Front Cross (FCC), German Turn, Twist, Backlap, Jaakko turn and related to German how to take thedog tightly towards the handling on the landing side of the jump. For every technique, the DVD presents how it is executed, how to teach it incrementally and the most common mistakes made by handlers when executing the handling manoeuvres.

The One Mind Handling Technique 1 dvd contains material that is suitable for training handlers and dogs of all skill levels.

You can watch Janita's and Jaakko's competition and training runs here:

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