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Janita asked Jaakko Suoknuuti with Zen and Jaakko Knuutti with Vimma to be "the guinea pigs" in her experiment for a new way to prepare puppies for agility. Both Jaakkos were willing to try that and they both were in Finnish WC team when their dogs were 2 years old. Third member of that team was Janita herself with Cosmo. This team won the team jumping competition in WC 2007 with several seconds.

After this first experiment Janita trained her own Hitti and Elina Jänesniemi's Omie the same way. Also those both dogs were in Finnish national team as 2 years old (Hitti won Nordic Championships and Omie were 4th in WC). While training Hitti and Omie, we filmed a dvd called "From Puppy to Champion", unfortunately it's only in Finnish and Swedish. Later Janita's way to start teaching puppies has spread all over the Finland.

This DVD is in Finnish but as with the Training Ideas DVD, I have found this DVD really easily to uwatch and understand despite the language barrier. The demonstrations of each exerise are clear and easy to understand.

A definite must for anyone interested in International handling - you do not need a puppy to benefit from watching the foundation training taught in this DVD.


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