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AUDIT SPOTS are AVAILABLE for purchase online on a separate listing.

The Orenius/Emanuelsson seminar is a COURSE HANDLING seminar and is suitable for teams who practise MODERN HANDLING and is looking for the opportunity to improve their fluency of execution and increase their knowledge of such handling. The main focus will be on improving different areas of handling such as the handler´s movement, timing, precision, etc For the Advanced groups, you may get the opportunity to add to your portfolio of cues.

MINIMUM skill requirements of participants include the ability to sequence at least 12 obstacles plus skills in the fundamental cues comprising front cross, blind cross, rear cross,backsides and wraps.

So basically in this seminar 3 different questions will be addressed: What? Where? & When?.  We will address the handler´s signals and how to cue them to use different techniques (what), different situations and sequences where to apply these techniques (where) and timing (when).

Course format

To reduce time waiting between turns, this year we are having smaller groups of 6 for 2 half days instead of groups of 12 for a full day in rpevious years. This means we can complete our training within a shorter time frame.

For each level there will be 4 groups (2 groups in the morning and 2 groups in the afternoon) of up to 6 working spots. One group will go with one instructor and one with the other instructor for half the day. The groups will swap instructor the 2nd half day.



Open 1 Advanced

Fri 16th & Sat 17th March

Morning group (6 working spots)

Open 2 Advanced

Fri 16th & Sat 17th March

Morning group (6 working spots)

Open 3 Advanced/Intermediate

Fri 16th & Sat 17th March

Afternoon group (6 working spots)

Open 4 Advanced/Intermediate

Fri 16th & Sat 17th March

Afternoon group (6 working spots)

Open 5 Intermediate

Sun 18th & Mon 19th March

Morning group (6 working spots)

Open 6 Novice- Intermediate

Sun 18th & Mon 19th March

Morning group (6 working spots)

Open 7 Novice/Intermediate

Sun 18th & Mon 19th March

Afternoon group (6 working spots)

Open 8 Novice- Young dogs

Sun 18th & Mon 19th March

Afternoon group (6 working spots)


Evans Park Equestrian Centre- Indoor Arena

56 Godalla Road, Freeman’s Reach NSW 2756

Total cost for 2 half days per dog: $460

Booking deposit due now: $100/-

Final Balance due Saturday 20th January 2018

AUDIT SPOTS available online in separate lisitng: $60/- per full day.

Working participants can audit the other group on the same day of their working spot at no additional charge.

Featuring the talented duo of Jouni Orenius and Isabelle Emanuelsson


Working Spots - There maybe last minute cancellations. Please contact gameondogs@gmail.com to be place on the waiting list. Communications sent to other email contacts will not be attended to.

By payment of this booking deposit you agree to the terms and conditions of booking stated below:

Terms and Conditions

. Payment,Cancellation and Refund policy:

  • Cancellation received to 31st December 2017 – cancellation fee of $50/- will apply
  • Cancellation received after 31st December 2017. Payment minus cancellation fee of $50/-may be refunded only if another suitable handler can be secured for your position. Full payment will be forfeited if another suitable applicant cannot be found.
  • In the event of cancellation, we reserve the right to offer the working spot to the next applicant on our list. Whilst you may recommend a replacement, there will be no automatic transfer of your working spot to a handler of your choice
  • Should the seminar be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organiser, all booking fees will be refunded in full.
  • The organiser does not accept any liability for any loss or expenses arising from the cancellation of the seminar.
  • All Final payments by 31st December 2017 or you may lose your spot and incur a cancellation fee.
  • The organiser reserves the right to specify the method of payment of the final balance. This may be using Paypal, direct deposit and/or any other expedient method.

Restriction of seminar information

  • Recording of your working spot is allowed for private use only
  • Unless express written approval is given, no recording of the instructors in the seminar is permitted on social media
  • Seminar course content and maps are for private use only and not to be distributed to the public.

Inapproriate behaviour and "Not fit to participate".

All participants (working and auditors) and their dogs are required to comply with rules of conduct specified by the organiser and instructors.

The organiser and instructors of the seminar reserve the right to request the departure of any attendee that is considered not to be behaving appropriately. In this instance, the attendee will agree to leave and to the forfeiture of monies paid.

The organiser and instructors of the seminar reserve the right to request the departure of any attendee if their dog(s) is considered not fit to participate. The decision of "Not fit to participate" will be made at the sole discretion of the organiser and the instructors. In this instance, the attendee will agree to leave and to the forfeiture of monies paid.

Waiver and Release of Liability:

By booking this spot you acknowledge that the sport of agility brings with it the risk of injury to dog and to yourself and as consideration for the right to participate in this seminar, you hereby knowingly and voluntarily enter into this waiver and release of liability and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind whatsoever arising out of your participation in this agility seminar.

More about the presenters:


Jouni is a 32 year-old guy originally from Finland. Jouni has a master´s degree in economics but nowadays he works full time with agility seminars and running an agility arena in Southern Sweden together with Isabelle. Jouni started competing in agility in 2005 and during his career he has attended the FCI World Championships 5 times and has placed 3rd in the individual competition in Helsinki 2008 as well as in Bologna 2015.

Jouni is now competing with his boder collie bitch Neela. Despite her young age - 6 years - Neela is already a veteran when it comes to international competitions. Neelas best achievements - in addition to her exceptional personality - are 3 individual gold medals from WAO, an individual bronze from FCI AWC 2015 as well as 4th place in European open 2017.

Jouni also has a 2-year old border collie Leia. Leia has already taught Jouni a great deal about how to evolve in agility training through running contacts, verbal cues etc. This summer Leia started her international career and won her ticket to Crufts in England after winning an international final in KCI festival where she competed against some of the world´s fastest dogs.

In his training Jouni emphasizes the individual skills of both the dog and the handler. As we, as well as our dogs are all different we need to find individual solutions to tackle the obstacles on todays technical and fast courses. That is why Jouni is all the time looking for new ways to improve both his own handling skills as well as the dogs´ obstacle skills.


Isabelle is a 27 year old woman with a strong compassion for both humans and animals and with a big smile on her face she tries to take on the world.

She believes in training that builds on love and respect. Isabelle thinks that it is important not to forget that all the time you spend with your dog is a part of your success.

She got her first own dog at the age of 9 and has been training and competing in agility on an elite level ever since. She has been a member of the Swedish national team 6 times since she was 14 years old with both her sheltie Zindi and Border collie Noa (Black beauty).

Her first dog was a Shetland Sheepdog named Zindi. With Zindi Isabelle is the youngest ever to win the Nordic Championships. The represented the national team between 2003-2008. Zindi sadly passed away in november 17th, 2010.

At the moment Isabelle has two dogs, an 11 year-old border colllie Noa and a 4 year old boder collie called Finn. With Noa Isabelle has represented the swedish national team at the world championship in Austria 2009, France 2011 and in Czech republic 2012. They also represented Sweden at the World Agility Open 2012 and got on 5th place.

Finn is just in the beginning of his career!

Isabelle is an amazing team with Finn and Noa, both on and off the course. The goal with both dogs is of course to win the gold at the World Championships ;)

Started agility when she was 7 years old!

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